Baril Coatings is a global producer of innovative sustainable coatings and paints. Their goal is to become the “greenest paint company in the Netherlands.”. As of August 2023, I am helping Baril Coatings with their online marketing. First, I created SEO-proof meta descriptions for their website, leading to an increase of organic visitors. Then, I got involved in creating an online marketing strategy for the launch campaign of their sustainable paint brand Copperant in GAMMA stores. Next, I created the advertisements for Google Ads and Social Media (META), including the copy and graphic design. This awareness campaign is run in close cooperation with GAMMA’s online marketing team and has already reached more than a million people so far.

Blanc is a luxury and sustainable clothing brand located in The Hague.
During this project, I worked on Blanc’s social media advertisements for 3 months. This entailed the following activities: executing social media campaigns, measuring the results and subsequently optimizing the campaigns. This with the goal of generating as much online conversion as possible. 

Dax Stokman (Online Manager Blanc) :
”I would describe Floris as a dedicated and eager to learn person that is a joy to work with on the personal side. He was actively looking for new ways to approach our target audience and would research options that were new to him.”

GMAT Amsterdam offers several GMAT preparation courses to help students prepare and pass the GMAT. The GMAT is part of the admissions process for several business and management programs worldwide, including full-time and part-time MBA and Masters degree programs.  Since the start of our collaboration in 2022, I helped GMAT Amsterdam with various online marketing tasks such as website optimization, funnel creation and content marketing. Regarding content marketing, I wrote several blogs that have since become among their best read blogs, structurally generating monthly visitors. In terms of funnel creation, we created a “sample questions” funnel to reach a specific target group. The funnel consisted of advertising a specially set up homepage that generated new visitors and leads. is a productivity tool/webpage with more than million visitors per month. This was my first client back in 2021, which I gave strategic online marketing advice to and I did some website optimization. In addition, I helped the owner with creating a better and modern logo for his company. Above this text you see their old one, and on the left you see the one I made.  It is supposed to look a little less static and old, but more modern instead. What do you think, upgrade or downgrade?